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3 Benefits of the Humble House Plant


The house plant has made an interior design comeback in a BIG way. In the Miss Glass Home Studio, our plants are both part of the furniture and family. But did you know just how beneficial they can be to both your interior aesthetic and your health?

Indoor plants have become very trendy lately. A quick scroll through Pinterest and you’ll be hard-pressed to miss a leafy Fiddle Fig in the corner of a home decor post or a Devil’s Ivy draped lazily down a bookshelf. But indoor plants offer more to your home than pleasant aesthetics. From NASA studies to feeling zen, here are 3 benefits of the humble house plant.

OUR SHOWROOM: A corner of our office space in our South Melbourne showroom

where the indoor plants are part of the family!


Let’s knock this one straight off the bat: plants are very du jour. They’re enjoying their time in the sunshine with macrame-wrapped String of Pearls hanging from the ceiling corner and the delicate leaves of a Chain of Hearts cascading over shelving in the kitchen.

From multi-use, delicious fresh herbs that go great in a curry or an easy homemade pesto to the tall, prickly cactus sitting next to your lounge, plants are an easy way to add a splash of colour and shape to your decor without splashing out on a new piece of furniture.


We all know that plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen through photosynthesis, but according to NASA’s Clean Air Study (1989), indoor plants may help purify our air from pollutants and toxins such as benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene.

NASA conducted their research to find alternative ways to purify air in space, and compiled a list of plants that do so to varying degrees. You can view the complete list here - it shows which toxins are removed by each plant as well as whether or not they are toxic to pets.

Out of the 31 plants studied, it’s hard to choose a favourite. But for the pet-less, the Florist’s Chrysanthemum ties with the Peace Lily to offer the most air purification against the toxins studied, with the Broadleaf Lady Palm a close second for those with furry family members.

ON DISPLAY: The TANGENT GARMENT CARE Starter Pack on display in our

South Melbourne showroom, surrounded by a variegated Devil's Ivy.


​It might seem unusual, but studies show multiple health benefits aligned with indoor plants, including accelerated healing, reduced stress and improved learning ability.

Accelerated Healing

One study showed that the presence of plants in hospitals helped patients heal faster - particularly if they were involved in caring for the plants after surgery.

Reduced Stress

Plants have been found to reduce stress around the home and are ideal for your desk - particularly if you’re a bit of a green thumb and like to care for your plants yourself. Flowers have also been shown to increase happiness and alleviate depression - plus you don’t have to replace them every week like cut flowers.


If that weren’t enough, studies also show that children learn better when there are plants in the classroom, and they even help memory and concentration in adults.With so many great benefits, it’s time to invite the outside in!

We’ve got plenty of greenery brightening up the Miss Glass Home Studio in South Melbourne. What plants are you loving indoors lately?