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How often should you wash your denim?


A contentious subject: Some people say you should wash them after every wear; others say unreservedly never. At Miss Glass Home, we’re a wash-your-denim kind of company - as long as you do it the right way. Read on for some denim-loving tips...

DENIM ON DENIM: We are fans of denim jackets with denim jeans. The best place to find the finest denim? Hands down Godspeed Store in Fitzroy.

Photo via @godspeedstore

Has your mum ever told you your clothes are so dirty they’ll stand up on their own and run away? Aside from how creepy that thought is, good denim is far too expensive to watch leg it down the hall - or possible worse, to see it crumble and fade because it was never meant for the dryer.

When you (almost literally) live in your jeans, you’ll eventually need to wash the grunginess out of them. Care for them properly, and they’ll continue caring for you with years of style and street cred.


Before doing anything, make sure your pockets are empty and your jeans are turned inside-out. There’s nothing worse than doing a load and realising you’ve made it snow with a tissue lost in a pocket!

By turning your jeans inside-out, you’re protecting the dye-dense area of the fabric protected from direct contact with the detergent, which keeps your denim looking fresher for longer.

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ORGANIC WASHING: Denim was with mild sugar surfactant and orange oil.

Photo via Miss Glass Home


Standard detergents have one job: remove dirt & stains. As great as it is to have one box of detergent that works across the majority of your clothing, these detergents can sometimes be too harsh for certain fabrics and cause more harm than good as they have higher surfactants and alkaline properties.

Sure, you’re removing the dirt, but the cleansing agents are indiscriminate against deposits and end up stripping away colour and fibre structure from delicate natural fibres in your clothes.

By using a denim-specific, low suds, low alkali detergent, you’re getting the best of both worlds: clean clothes and intact fibres and dye. Tangent GC Denim Wash uses a mild sugar surfactant and orange oil to clean without corroding the cotton fibres, giving you cleaner, stronger clothes for longer.


​It’s fine to throw your denim in the washing machine - provided you only give them a short whirl on the spin cycle. Rather than allowing the cycle to complete, pull your jeans out after about a minute to prevent them from being over-manipulated in the machine.

This is particularly relevant for top loaders, as the agitator can pull your clothing out of shape. You really only need to remove enough water that they can comfortably air-dry without leaving a puddle.

WHITE: The uber stylish Pepa Mack in the brightest white denim.

Photo via @pepamack


​You know the drill: NEVER put your denim in a clothes dryer! The heat will severely damage the fibres of the material, especially if your jeans have an elastane blend.

Instead, always drip dry or air dry over a Miss Glass Home Clothes Airer, inside out and away from direct sunlight. My mum always told me jeans are best popped on when their slightly damp as they’ll mould into your shape for a better fit - and she’s right.

Put them on when they’re about 95% dry and they’ll fit like a glove.

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