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Do I know Hobart? Oh yes I do! My better half is native Taswegian and I'm often down in Tassie catching up with the family.

I like to think of Tassie as a mix between New Zealand and Australia in terms of natural beauty. You can totally see where Tassie parted ways with New Zealand 100 million years ago (fact!).

Mt Wellington: A great way to get perspective over Hobart on a clear day.

Photo by me!

I'm heading back to attend Dark Mofo this June and I'm looking forward to hanging out in one of my favourite get-away-from-it-all destinations.

The ideal introduction to Hobart is to take 4 days/3 nights to explore it.

Here are my top tips for where to eat, stay and see.


Explore the local delights of downtown Hobart.

Kick it off with brunch at the local Institution - Jackman & McRoss, 57 Hampden Rd, Battery Point where you can explore the surrounding streets to check out the cute original homes.

Walk down to Salamanca (note that they have fantastic markets here on a Saturday!) and wander through the local shops. Head into LUC Design to visit Lucy, she was my very first stockist of my products and has been a huge support to me so far. You will walk out of her amazing store with something beautiful - it's impossible not to!

SHOPPING: LUC Design is simply the best interiors store in Hobart.

Photo via LUC Design

Once you've finished shopping, head back to your own slice or architectural heaven at "The Barn" available for rent via Airbnb.

A stunning restoration project by local architects, Alex Nielsen and Liz Walsh, it is in a great central location to all the delights of downtown Hobart.

Check out their interview on The Design Files to read the full story here.

Exterior: The beautiful raw exterior of "The Barn" in Hobart.

Photography via Airbnb.

Once you've dropped off your bags, head down to the waterfront and jump of the ferry to Mona.

Trust me - the ferry ride is far nicer than the car ride to Mona, so soak up the harbour in all it's glory on board the Mona Ferry.

Have a quick bite at the Museum Cafe, located right next to the entrance of the Museum. Head outside to the grassed area to enjoy the view over the Derwent River before exploring the museum.

Dark Mofo runs from June 8-21, 2017 and has a vast array of installations, activities and food experiences to enjoy. Check out full program here.

Get the ferry back to town in time for dinner at Franklin, located at 28-30 Argyle St, Hobart.

Hobart does close dinner service fairly early (well in Melbourne terms anyway), so keep that in mind when eating out in the evening.

The ambiance and food inside Franklin are outstanding - a must try when in town. Just a short stroll from the waterfront.

Franklin: Beautiful food, wine and interior design - what more could you ask for?!

Photo by me.

Day 2

Get up early, jump in the car and drive down to Bruny Island. Well, you need to drive to Kettering to get the car ferry over to the Island.

Check out the Bruny Island ferry timetable here.

Stop at all the local produce shops along the way to fill your car with delicious treats to enjoy in front of the fire:

Get Shucked - best oysters ever!

Bruny Island Cheese - my favourite is ODO. They've recently launched "Bruny Island Beer Co".

Bruny Island Premium Wines - their Pinot Noir is my go-to.

Get Shucked: A place where I switch off from the outside world and kick off my time

on the island with a wine and some oysters.

Photo by me.

My top picks for accommodation on Bruny Island are:

For group holidays pick either The Cloudy Bay Beach House or Chez Discovery. Note they are not available through Airbnb.

For romantic getaways choose either Airbnb cuties: Bruny Island Retreat or Bruny Eco Cabin by the sea.

Views: Probably one of the best views on Bruny Island is from The Cloudy Bay Beach house, overlooking Cloudy Bay.

Photo via The Cloudy Bay Beach House.

Once you've checked into your accommodation of choice, relax and unwind in front of an open fire and stay in or head to the Hotel Bruny (ie. the 1 and only pub on the island) to feel like a local and enjoy some delicious food before heading home to get stuck into some of that cheese and wine as a night cap!

One of the favourite dishes amongst friends at the pub has been the seafood chowder!

Day 3

Sleep in then slowly head back to the ferry to return to Hobart.

I'd suggest driving straight up to the summit of Mt Wellington, providing it's a clear day! It's a wonderful view and the air is clean and crisp - a great vantage point of Hobart and a great photo opp too.

On your way down to the bottom of the mountain, stop off at Cascade Brewery to enjoy the historic architecture and maybe have a pint or two but no drink driving!

For your last night in Tas Vegas, stay at Kunanyi House,

"The McGlashan designed house harmonizes with its natural setting. Enjoy peaceful gardens, tranquil reflection pools and mountain walks all just 10 minutes from Hobart's centre."

Kunanyi House: A stunning McGlashan designed home at the foot of Mt Wellington.

Kunanyi being the native Australian / original name of the mountain.

Photo via Airbnb.

Enjoy your last meal at The Glass House for dinner, located at the Brooke St Pier.

The view over the harbour is gorgeous and the drink selection is fantastic! Get there for sunset if you can.

Day 4

Pick up a pastry and coffee at Pigeon Whole Bakers in downtown Hobart and have a stroll around the waterfront or backstreets of Hobart central.

Pigeon Whole Bakers: A beautiful space with equally beautiful produce.

Photo via Pigeon Whole Bakers Facebook page.

Once you've walked them off and packed your bags ready for your flight home, head to Frogmore Creek winery on your way to Hobart airport. Do a little wine tasting and pick up some local produce to fill your check in bags with.

The food is great too and the view is just as special.

So there you have it, my 4 day itinerary for Hobart (and Bruny Island).

Take of it what you will or book your holiday exactly as I planned it above :)

I hope you enjoy it there as much as I do!

Siobhan xx