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North West Tasmanian escape with Miss Glass Home.

I personally love escaping to rural locations and getting as close to nature as possible - without the camping bit! Maybe it's the Irish in me but I love nothing more than curling up in front of a fire, drinking wine and eating local produce. And we all know, Tasmania offers that in spades! I wanted to share with you all, my first trip up to the North West coast of Tasmania where I took a mix of photos of the landscape, our little Airbnb as well as some of my products that had a perfect backdrop. Enjoy!

Landscape: The view looking towards Frenchman's Cap.

Photo by Siobhan Glass

After trawling through Airbnb listings for something remote, I found a brand-spanking-new listing that looked like the most magical beachfront shack in Strahan on the North-West coast - holy guacamole, it's beautiful!! Do yourself a favour and book yourself a few nights in this magical slice of heaven. Check out the Airbnb listing here.

Stoked to be the first guest at Captains Rest - and because it's a spectacular shack - I thought I'd double my holiday as a mini photo shoot.

What an entrance: The most amazing view that hits you at the front door of Captain's Rest.

Photo by Siobhan Glass

So me and my better half jumped on the next Qantas flight over the Bass Straight to Hobart, picked up the hire car and drove straight to see Lucy at LUC Design - my very first Australian stockist of my furniture. We picked up my Airers and a few extra pieces and drove through the middle of Tassie to the North West Coast. It's a 4.5hr drive so a couple of stops are a good idea.

My recommended stops are:

New Norfolk - for antiques. Pop into the Drill Hall Emporium and the Willow Court Antique Centre (be careful, you'll get lost in there for hours!!).

Derwent Bridge - to have a delicious burger and a cup of tea at the Hungry Wombat Cafe.

Lake St Claire - note, very close to Derwent bridge so pick between the two on your way to and from Strahan. Stop off here to stretch the legs around the waterways and even stay a night at Pumphouse Point (yet to be ticked off my hotel bucket list).

Lake St Claire: The beautiful Lake St Claire. Great walking tracks and fishing.

Photo by Siobhan Glass

Nelson Falls - my gosh it can get cold here but the well made walking tracks and beautiful waterfall are a great way to break up the drive.

Walks through the rainforest: Beautiful elevated walking tracks towards Nelson Falls.

Photo by Siobhan Glass

Queenstown - this place is crazy surreal! It feels like you are on the moon with the colours of exposed earth that was left over from copper mining many years ago.

Once we wove my way through the forrest reserves, we arrived in Strahan. A pretty seaside town overlooking a very calm harbour with fishing boats and a steam train.

A few minutes on from downtown Strahan is Captain's Rest. A beautifully renovated shack amongst a bunch of other old shacks, all facing the calm waters of Lettes Bay.


From the moment we arrived at the front door and peered through the window of Captain's Rest, we were completely in love! A bottle of natural wine on arrival and the open fire lit, it was by far the best welcome to any Airbnb I've been in!

We were also provided with fresh local eggs, bread and milk to get us through the first couple of mornings.

Breakfast: Fresh eggs, OJ and milk were a great start to the day. Oak trays available at Miss Glass Home.

Photo by Siobhan Glass

Day 1 we didn't want to leave, so we played dominoes, drank wine and ate cheese to soak up every second in the space.

The following morning we woke up to the sun shining, so we enjoyed eggs on toast out on the jetty with a hot cup of coffee.

It was such a lovely morning and with time on our side that we whipped out the shoe polish and treated our leather boots to some TLC with the hand made polishes by Tangent GC (available here at

Tangent GC shoe brush: Taking the time to care for those leather shoes, while enjoying the scenery.

Photo by Siobhan Glass

During the day the restored steam train puffs along the waterfront opposite Captains Rest, taking tourists along the coastline.

I later got to work with taking photos in and around the property with my products looking right at home!

View like no other: Pretty impossible to stop gazing out these windows for hours on end.

Photo by Siobhan Glass

Day 3 we drove to Ocean Beach to walk along the ocean and enjoy a beach all to ourselves.

On the way back to Strahan we stopped off at Henty Dunes, a desert amongst the rainforests. A phenomenon of sand that stretches several kilometres inland from Ocean Beach with some dunes reaching up to 30 metres high. You definitely need to be up for a serious cardio workout to get up them!

After our last night in this remote paradise we drove the windy roads back to Hobart with a few stops along the way.

I highly recommend getting away from it all at Captain's Rest and enjoying the untouched wilderness that is the North-West coast of Tasmania.

Storage: Airer #1 by Miss Glass Home housing some of the collected items around Captain's Rest.

Photo by Siobhan Glass

For more travel guides and to follow my journal entries, head over to - I love sharing my best tips of places I've been.

The products featured throughout the images above can be found at the following:

Airer #1, #2 and #3 at LUC Design Hobart

Cream and green throws at LUC Design Hobart

Oak trays at Miss Glass Home

Tangent GC organic shoe care sets and shoe brushes at Miss Glass Home

I look forward to bringing you more travel guides in the near future.

Love from Siobhan (Founder & Furniture Designer - Miss Glass Home)