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Tangent GC have created a range of plant based, organic and chemical-free liquid soaps that can be used in the kitchen, the bathroom or in the shower. There are no limits!

With 4 intoxicating scents to choose from - how do you choose?

Well, you can buy them all to try out for yourself, or let us give you a low down of each scent...

A smooth and perhaps, slightly more masculine scent. Oud is a resin, harvested from the Southeast Asian Aquilaria tree. It is smooth yet deep in aroma and popular with those who want to steer clear of floral or citrus scents.

Yuzu is a bright, crisp scent derived from the citrus plant.

It's a refreshing scent that awakens the senses.

With notes somewhere between grapefruit & mandarin, it is blended with the organic olive & coconut oils that make these soaps feel so silky!

Miss Glass' personal favourite! Burnet is like walking through a dewy meadow.

It is ever so slightly herbaceous in it's notes, but smooth and subtle.

A fresh scent with a slightly more floral aroma.

All washes are vegan and sustainably sourced. Good for you and planet earth.

A musky and floral scent that is smooth and catching.

The Tiaré flowers are hand picked then laid in oil, unopened for 15 days to obtain the extract. A very special flower and a very special soap.

Our customers have been telling us how they are using these soaps in the shower as well as by the bathroom sink and in the kitchen.

So there you have it! Our review of each of the scents available at Miss Glass Home. We hope that makes your decision easier when choosing your favourite liquid soap.

Not only do they look beautiful, the ingredients are outstanding. You will fall in love with them like we have!