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My top 5 favourite perfumes of all time

I have always had a nose for unusual perfumes. You'll never find me in the local chemist stocking up on specials on sweet celebrity perfume, instead I would stop someone in the street for a scent that catches my nostrils!

Thankfully Australia has wonderful stores like Mecca who have a range of the best perfume brands (most of them exclusive to the store) from around the globe. There are also some great independent stores such as the Flatiron Store in Kew (Victoria) who introduced me to the range of Orto Parisi.

If you are wanting to find something new or unusual, have a read below of my favourite scents in no particular order... enjoy! Oh and they are mostly unisex in scent, suitable for any man or woman.

1. Comme des Garçon - Comme des Garçon 2

My go-to, staple scent that has a long lasting affect. A great review via Mecca: "Evoking images of the exotic and the oriental, this fresh-spicy fragrance contains hints of vetiver, incense, patchouli and amber."

Photo via Instagram @masaki2867

2. Helmut Lang - Eu de Parfum

My current scent that I can't get enough of! Purchased from LUC Design online

A great review via Liberty London:

"Sensual and rich, this Helmut Lang Eau De Parfum has a deep and musky soul. Sweet lavender and rosemary top notes mix with citrus orange for a light and bright scent. Sandalwood, cedarwood, amber and patchouli give it a confident vibe and functional feel. A gorgeous fragrance that lasts all day long."

Photo via LUC Design

3. Orto Parisi - Seminalis

Head down to Flatiron in Kew to smell the full range but my top pick is Seminalis. I'd suggest you head down there in a few weeks late afternoon as they are about to open their "Side Door" which is a gorgeous wine bar tucked behind their beautiful store.

Back to the perfume... a review via has the same sentiment as I did:

"This is a long cozy embrace from a loved one in perfume form. Fuzzy, warm, sweet and mildly leathery, this is a great fall/winter scent for curling up in front of the fire with coffee and your favourite book."

Photo via Orto Parisi

4. Byredo - 1996

A beautiful musky scent that is a collaboration between perfume superstars Byredo and New York photographers Inez & Vinoodh.

"A powerdy, amber-led scent with bursts of leather, patchouli and black pepper and an incandescent, ethereal edge."

Photo via Instagram @czarevna_nesmeyana

5. Malin + Goetz - Dark Rum

A rich scent that lingers for hours and better yet, there is a candle to match to make your home smell incredible.

"Exude an air sensuality with this dynamic, luxurious fragrance. A full-bodied concoction of rum, leather, amber, patchouli and milk contrasted by bursts of bergamot and plum make for a fresh, contemporary twist."

Photo via Malin + Goetz

Photo via Malin + Goetz

So there you have it - my top 5 perfumes of all time! It's definitely worth going out of your way to find something special that can become your own signature scent.

Siobhan xx