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3 Tips For Keeping Your Cossie in Tip-Top Shape This Summer



Swimwear is an odd necessity in life: difficult to shop for, expensive for the amount of fabric you purchase, but essential to enjoying the summer. We’ve researched the top 3 ways to take care of your bathers so you can hold onto them for longer.

Togs. Swimmers. Bathers. Cossie. Burkini. Whatever you call them, the humble stretch of lycra lets you feel comfortable and modest when in reality you’re wearing very little in a public space (funny how perception changes!)

When you invest in a really great piece of swimwear, it can provide you with body confidence and a great day at the beach - but replacing them isn’t much fun. We’ve picked up 3 ways to care for swimwear after it’s taken a beating in chlorine, salt water or just the harsh Aussie sun.


Swimwear is generally made out of durable, modesty-saving lycra (which is why stock-standard underwear doesn’t quite cut it in the pool) but this polyurethane-based material is damaged easily by chlorine and saltwater as it eats into the fibres and causes garments to lose their elasticity and shape.

Chlorine also has the unpleasant effect of bleaching the colour out of your clothes, and build up can cause lighter hair to turn a slight shade of green. Additionally, skin care products such as sunscreen or tanning lotion can stain your swimwear, and oils can speed up the breakdown of the elastic, again causing them to lose their shape.

After each wear, you should be thoroughly rinsing your swimwear under clean water to help rinse away the chlorine and saltwater exposure to minimise any negative effects from these elements.


After rinsing your swimsuit of any chlorine or saltwater residue, hand wash using a mild detergent. This is important: make sure you don’t use regular laundry detergent, as it can be too harsh for lycra-based fabrics and could be just as damaging to the fibres as chlorine. Don’t use your washing machine either if you can avoid it, as the agitation could damage the clips, ties and fabric.

Instead, use a mild detergent such as Tangent GC Delicate Detergent and gently hand wash in your basin, making sure you don’t rub the fabric together. It's super gentle on the most delicate of fabrics and is ideal for hand washing. Try dipping and gently squeezing your bathers for a thorough clean before rinsing with clean water.

Once they’re rinsed of any detergent residue, gently squeeze out any excess water but never wring them, as this can damage the fibres and leave you with saggy daggy swimmers!

DELICATES: The TANGENT GARMENT CARE Delicate Detergent is easy on the most delicate of fabrics, and your skin - making it ideal for hand washing your swimwear.


​Now they’re ready to air dry, which in this Aussie Summer weather shouldn’t take too long! Avoid using pegs as the can pull the fabric out of shape.

The Miss Glass Home Airers have bullet-shaped knobs on the side that are perfect for hanging swimwear and lingerie to air dry, or try draping them over 2 bars across the top of a traditional airer so that they don’t slip off and get plenty of ventilation.

Never use a clothes dryer or a hair dryer - even when you’re in a pinch - as the heat will melt the elastic fibres and you’ll end up with very sad looking swimmers.

HANDY ENDS: Each of the Miss Glass Home Airers have knobs on the edges for hanging smaller items. Perfect for swimwear and lingerie.

Have you got any tips for us when looking after your swimwear? Let us know in the comments below!