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Designing the perfect laundry


Whether you’re building a new home, renovating the one you’ve got or moving into a rental, your laundry is an essential piece to your home living arrangement. We’ve put together the key elements to consider for one of the most important areas of the home: the perfect laundry.

COMPACT: Clever storage solutions create a functional yet beautiful hidden laundry.

Photo by Miss Glass Home.

An oft-overlooked area of the home, the internal laundry (and its marvellous appliances) makes our lives infinitely easier than our ancestors’. Whether you’ve got a separate laundry room, a space in the bathroom or a kitchen/laundry space-saver, there are a multitude of ways to create the perfect space for your cleaning station, no matter the size.


It’s not just apartment living that can feel compact. Off-the-plan houses are being built on as little as a 10 metre width of land, which means architects are getting creative with their laundry spaces.

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An “out of sight, out of mind” approach has been a popular trend over the years with the hidden laundry. Sleek timber panels that look like decorative walls slide open to reveal a renovated cupboard that compactly home the basics.

These clever disguises mean your laundry could be anywhere in your home that is convenient, so if you’re renovating, keep an open mind to wasted space that could be better utilised.

The perfect secret laundry is cleverly disguised as part of the wall or another cupboard. Accordion or internally sliding doors make life easier to access your laundry in a tight space.

HIDDEN: When the doors are closed, this practical laundry is disguised as a decorative wall.

Photo by Armelle Habib, copyright Fairfax Media.


The Kitchen

The kitchen is smart choice for a washing machine, particularly if you’ve decided against a dishwasher (plus it’s definitely easier to hand wash your plates than each week’s load of wash!)

With the added benefit of the sink and bench space, it makes a lot of sense to do your laundry in the kitchen. You’ll also have better lighting, and storing your detergent and stain removers next to your other household cleaners is a no-brainer.

The perfect kitchen laundry is a front loader washing machine hidden behind cabinetry.

The Garage

The garage is a popular location in newer housing plans to capitalise on odd nooks. They’re particularly great if you’ve got a direct door out to the clothes line, and they let you utitlise other areas of the house better.

The housing plan below, the ‘Montana’ home by Chatham Homes, shows a sleek laundry at the rear of the garage that makes use of an otherwise odd architectural space.

The perfect garage laundry has plenty of shelving and easy access to an outdoor clothesline.

MAXIMISED SPACE: A garage laundry provides easy access to an external clothesline without taking up valuable living space inside the home.

PHOTO: Chatham Homes.

The Bathroom Laundry

The bathroom laundry is standard in most apartments and makes sense due to the plumbing and ventilation of the room. Ideally, the laundry fixtures would be hidden behind doors with plenty of shelving to double as storage for towels and cleaning products.

But even if they are out in the open, the laundry can be decorated to blend in with the space with stylish shelving or painted doors. As an added bonus, a front loader washing machine will give you a slight increase in bench space to fold, stain remove or use as a makeshift table when you do your makeup.

The perfect bathroom laundry blends in with your décor and takes advantage of vertical space with shelving or wall-mounted dryers.

BRIGHT & AIRY: This bathroom/laundry combination is bright and airy. The accordion doors hide the laundry until needed, and the overhead rack is a great addition for steaming. PHOTOGRAPHER: Eve Wilson ARCHITECTS: Northbourne Architecture.


A beautiful, large laundry can make the act of washing your clothes more of an art devoted to caring for your garments than a chore. If you’re fortunate enough to provide a decent amount of space to your laundry, you’ll have enough workspace to properly clean your clothes.

The Laundry Sink & Bench

​The perks of a larger laundry centre on a large stainless steel laundry sink, and extra bench space. A large laundry sink will give you plenty of room to hand wash without flooding your floor, as well as the ease of washing larger garments that wouldn’t fit in a bathroom sink.

Extra bench space lets you sort and fold straight from the dryer, so you don’t need to fold socks in the living room. It also means easier stain removal and undisrupted flow when you get in your groove, so you can cut down on laundry time.

Open Spaces

​A decent sized laundry with a sunny window lets you wash and dry in one space. Rather than moving your washing from one room to another (or outside if you’ve got access to a clothes line), set up your airer inside by a bright window and enjoy an easy laundry experience. If your airer is pretty and functional enough to leave out, all the better.

WIDE OPEN SPACES: Large spaces make your job easier, as do easy to carry airers and baskets. PHOTO: Miss Glass Home.

Ample Storage

​Laundry storage is great for obvious laundry items such as detergent and stain remover, but it’s also excellent for related items such as linens and towels – particularly if your laundry is in the bathroom.

Even in a larger laundry, consider utilising shelving for storage or decoration, and keep in mind that even in a larger laundry, stacked utilities frees up space and makes it easier to load and unload from the washer to the dryer.

Whichever avenue you choose for your laundry set up, ensure there’s plenty of ventilation and remember to enjoy the art of garment care!

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