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SNEAK PEEK: New Range of Laundry Baskets & Wall Hangings


We’re always on the lookout for beautiful new pieces for the home. Our current range is quite niche, as we take a lot of time to research each product to find high quality, artisanal items that last. After a long search, we’re excited to tell you about our new range of woven laundry & storage baskets, as well as gorgeous new wall hangings that are landing in the online store late May.

CONTEMPORARY CLASSICS: Handwoven fair trade jute storage baskets are new to the online store. Available late-May 2017.

PHOTO: The Dharma Door

In case you haven’t noticed, we have a healthy love affair with the laundry. From our range of Miss Glass Home Airers to the selection of Tangent GC Laundry Detergents, we really appreciate the powerhouse of the home and love products that make doing laundry a labour of love. For a while now, we’ve been on the hunt for the perfect woven laundry and storage baskets - and in the process we’ve also found stunning wall hangings we couldn’t turn down.

Enter The Dharma Door, an Australian homewares company whose primary aim is to source high quality, Fair Trade artisanal products from around the world. Founder Shannon Sheedy has found a wonderful balance between ethically produced items created using traditional production methods, and gorgeous contemporary design to grow the local economy of remote villages while delivering a high demand product.

We’ve fallen in love with the woven laundry & storage baskets, and a stunning range of high quality wall hangings, and we think you will too.

THE DHARMA DOOR, Jute Laundry & Storage Baskets

High quality, versatile pieces, the Jute Laundry & Storage baskets have a wonderful story to match their beautiful appearance.

LAUNDRY ESSENTIALS: These versatile baskets are perfect additions to any laundry.

PHOTO: The Dharma Door

Handwoven using traditional weaving techniques by women working in a Fair Trade program in Bangladesh, these natural fibre baskets come in either natural or charcoal-dyed jute and are great for storing laundry or a range of items.

Strong handles make these stunning baskets equally functional and beautiful, and the simple, modern designs and natural woven fabric make them perfect for almost any interior.

CHARCOAL DYED JUTE: Charcoal dyed jute looks modern and bold, making a nice contrast to the traditionally woven basket material.

PHOTO: The Dharma Door

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THE DHARMA DOOR, Jute Wall Hangings

These stunning hand-knotted jute wall hangings are a beautiful way to decorate your home and help support Fair Trade artisans in a rural village in Bangladesh.

Jumbo Jute Wall Hanging, Natural

The Jumbo Jute Wall Hanging was designed by founder Shannon Sheedy and is made from beautiful natural-coloured jute for an earthy boho vibe.

Measuring 145cm high x 100cm wide, this hanging would look great as the centrepiece above your bed.

JUMBO JUTE WALL HANGING, NATURAL: A gorgeous statement piece, perfect for hanging above the bed.

PHOTO: The Dharma Door

Small Jute Wall Hanging, Natural & Indigo

The Small Jute Wall Hanging is similarly designed from natural jute. The tassels are tied with naturally-dyed indigo, giving a beautiful pop of colour to the textured piece. Measuring 65cm high x 45cm wide, this piece would make a wonderful statement in the entryway to your home.

SMALL JUTE WALL HANGING, NATURAL & INDIGO: Naturally dyed indigo pops of colour are an on-trend addition to this classic wall hanging.

PHOTO: The Dharma Door

These items are due to be available online late-May.

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