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4 Tips for caring for your Delicates this Valentine’s Day


We shouldn’t need an excuse to bring out the pretty intimates, but sometimes it’s easy to get stuck wearing comfy cottons on a regular basis. If you’re preparing your outfit for Valentine’s Day, spare a thought for your delicates and freshen them up before your night out with these 3 simple tips to care for your lingerie.

HANDWASH: The 300ml delicate detergent and fabric softener are the perfect addition to your laundry for hand washing and machine was too.

How often do you wash your lingerie? Experts suggest washing your bras after 5-7 wears, and bottoms after each wear (obviously!) But although it can be tempting to throw everything into a lingerie wash bag for a quick spin around your washing machine, you’re better off taking the time to lovingly hand-wash your delicates to keep them in great condition.


Start off with a nice clean sink. It seems obvious, but if there’s any residue you can risk unintentionally staining or bleaching your lingerie. Fill your sink with warm water and add a detergent specifically formulated for delicate fabrics.

The high levels of surfactants found in standard detergent can damage the natural, fragile fibres found in silk or intricate lace, so you need to ensure you’re using a gentle detergent that protects the cell structure of delicate fabrics. Added bonus: it’s gentle on your hands.

Tangent GC Delicate Detergent is specially formulated with essential oils to cleanse and protect natural fibres, so you can be sure you’re taking care of your favourite pieces properly.

GLASS BOTTLES: The 500ml bottles of delicate detergent and fabric softener not only clean your clothes naturally, the bottles look beautiful on the shelf.


Make sure you wash like-colours together to ensure your dyes don’t run, inadvertently staining lighter pieces. Gently swish each item through the soapy water and rinse – although it can be tempting to scrub fabric or rub together in an effort to clean stubborn spots, don’t.

Rinse thoroughly under lukewarm water and gently squeeze out excess water. Lay flat to dry, or air dry over an airer. The Miss Glass Home Airer’s have specially-designed knobs on each end specifically for smaller items to hand from – perfect for bottoms or bras.

Remember: Never use the dryer! Not only is it bad for underwires, the heat will damage the fabric structure of delicate natural fibres and may melt synthetic lace.


​Alright, we feel you! Hand washing can feel like a bit of a hassle, especially when you’re time poor. Pop your delicates into a wash bag so they don’t get tangled or damaged in your machine, and use the same delicates detergent you’d use to hand wash them in the sink.

Make sure you have the machine on a gentle cycle with cold or warm water, and don’t mix your colours! Air dry and enjoy your beautiful, clean intimates for a long time to come.

MACHINE WASH: If you are too time poor to hand wash, ensure you select the gentle wash setting on your washing machine.


​When you store your lingerie, make sure your cups are never inverted and lay them as flat as possible with both cups facing up. Stack each bra behind one another to save on space.

When folding your bottoms, fold from the sides in, and then backwards to create a small envelope. This protects the elastic and prevents too many unnecessary creases on structured materials such as satin.

What are some of your favourite lingerie pieces this Valentine’s Day?