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The best way to wash your Sportswear, Leisurewear & Activewear


From the humble yoga pant to compression leggings, activewear has become a popular wardrobe staple to take you from pilates to brunch without breaking a sweat. Keep your leisurewear in tip-top shape with these laundry secrets.

ACTIVEWEAR: Keep your favourite activewear pieces in good condition by using the best detergents - the Tangent Garment Care sports wash and Fabric Softener.

Photo by Miss Glass Home

Although it’s tempting to throw your ‘gym gear’ straight into the wash along with other like-colours, there’s a special art to caring for the delicate and unique fabric these garments are made from. Prolong the life of your favourites with a little know-how and TLC.


Whatever you call it, your gym clothes have many, many purposes and have been constructed to cater for each. Throughout design and manufacture, each garment has been thoughtfully considered using high-tech fabric that adapts to your body and movement in a specific way.

Unlike standard items of clothing, activewear primarily makes use of fabric technology that helps your body during physical stress. From high intensity compression to aid muscle recovery (and make your bum look good) to super stretchy yoga pants that help you bend and contort, these fabrics have been created with delicate fibres that need to be cared for gently to remove odours and prevent damage.

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WORKOUT: Air out those pieces of activewear you didn't break a sweat in and keep them aside, ready for the next workout.


When we sweat, bacteria on our skin breaks down the proteins and salt into certain types of acid, producing body odour. While this is completely normal, these scents can remain on clothing that isn’t cared for correctly even after washing.

Once you’re done with your sportswear, if you’re not ready to wash it straight away, hang it to air dry rather than adding it to the wash basket. You’ll help prevent the scent from staining the fabric at the bottom of a dank hamper and your other dirty clothes won’t absorb their smell.


​Turn your activewear inside-out before washing. The benefit here is that the truly dirty fabric - the sweaty inside that had direct contact with your skin - will benefit from direct and maximum cleansing.

As an added benefit, when you hang your clothes to dry, there will be less chance of obvious colour fading as the only the inside will be exposed to sunlight.

FLAT LAY: A beautiful flatlay of the perfect gym outfit via Linn Jacobsson's Instagram.


​Aside from being eco-friendly, cold water helps prevent colour-fade and shrinkage when laundering delicate fabric. The lycra and/or spandex in leisurewear is easily damaged by hot water that can warp the fibres, reducing their ability to work to their full potential. Elastane stiffens and becomes brittle in hot water, creating odd shapes and useless garments.

Go green: wash big loads in as little cold water as you can.


​Not all detergents are made equal, hence the need for wool wash, delicate wash and - you guessed it - sports wash.The key benefit of a Sportswear-specific detergent is that it finds the balance between protecting the delicate fibres of the fabric while still working hard enough to deep clean and remove sweat, dirt and odour.

Tangent GC’s Sportswear Detergent is specifically made for synthetic and blended fabrics to clean without damage, and in particular, keeps windproofing fabric intact during washing. The added odour control actually neutralises odour rather than masking, so your clothes are fresh every time you wear them.

SPORTS-SPECIFIC: Tangent GC Sportswear Detergent is specifically formulated for the delicate nature of activewear fibres.


​Repeat after me: I will not use the drier. The excessive and direct heat of a clothes dryer will damage sportswear quicker than you can say “Avo on Toast” at your post-pilates brekky catch-up.

Use an airer to air dry your activewear and keep it in shape, and avoid direct sunlight as it can cause garments to fade. The Miss Glass Home Airers have handy pegs on the side of each support that are great for hanging sports bras, socks and singlets.

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